Hello, I am a believer

Oh hello, meet me
I am a believer too
A Christian by accord
With merits on record;
Offering prayers and plight
Church attendance- quite right

But hello,
a look bit closer…
and a facade falls;
A Light that’s brighter
Its piercing my walls…

Drenched in sorrow with worries for the morrow;
Fears deep, faith shallow;
Smiles on the outside, inside hollow;
Rusting within and appearing mellow…

This Christian equation just doesn’t seem right;
But, hey look, what’s coming along with this Light?
Is it just a feeling, or the real healing;
Can this be any better; this peeling, polishing and nailing?

Oh hey see, wrapped in this Light
is but a gentler face,
Or have I just met,
this thing called Grace?

Oh well, it’s seeing through my heart and its hidden ugliness;
Pride, lust, anger, so full of bitterness,
And yet this Grace
chooses to cover and clear the mess?
This Grace, this Grace, why is it so wonderful?
Able to wipe all disgrace; Oh this Grace is powerful

The merits and the record, it says, don’t even count,
In Him all my wrongs have now found discount;
Oh, see the face of Grace hung on the cross,
Wiping my sin, cleansing all dross,

Oh, what comfort to know this truth,
It indeed does set me free;
I don’t have to keep striving,
Unashamed, I can be me.

No, I need not these churchy-dress
nor the hallelujah jargons;
To be in the embrace
Of the One who pardons.

All I have to do is rest
In this beauty called Grace,
I fall, I stand, I fail yet prevail
Meet me, I am a believer,
In Mighty hands, I’m a work in progress.

– By Anonymous Contributor to Unashamed.IN

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